You only have one body. It's time to...

  • improve your posture, decrease chronic pain, and prevent injuries!

  • master simple movements that have have a profound impact on your daily life!

  • love and appreciate your body's ability to move and improve at any stage of life!

Self-guided and accessible from any device!

Includes: 7-day workbook, videos, GIFs, and more!

Get the Move Free Guide!

What's included in Move Free?

  • Daily Mobility Plan, from Head to Toe

    Each day is focused on a different body part with specific mobility exercises to help you create space, relieve pain, and increase freedom!

  • Mobility Flows

    Unique sequences of mobility movements to use as your workout, to wake up your body, or to relieve tension. All you need is your body!

  • Mobile Friendly + Interactive

    The 7-day workbook, videos, and GIF breakdowns make this program easy to implement anywhere, anytime.

Just 10 minutes a day!

Your body is ready. Are you?

About Us

Meet Emily + Beth!

We're two best friends with a love for early morning kettlebell workouts, coffee runs, sweaty power vinyasa flows, and a lot of laughs. We noticed a lack of well-rounded resources in the health & fitness industry that focus on all aspects of wellness - mind, body, and soul - and decided to combine our passions and experiences to create resources for our squad to live out their own version of "happy healthy". Our background includes: B.A. Health + Human Physiology, Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) Certification, StrongFirst (SFG 1) Certification, 200 and 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teachers, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Certification (INHC), Functional Movement Screening (FMS) Certification, and over a decade of experience in the health and wellness world, working with hundreds of bodies and abilities.
About Us