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You feel overwhelmed and confused navigating the vast world of health and wellness. It feels impossible to juggle it all...

  • What exercises will actually give me results?

  • What does healthy eating look like for my body and lifestyle?

  • What's the best way to get unstuck and take back control of my hectic, non-stop life?

Got ya covered - every bit of you!

Our programs cater to ALL of you - through mindset training, movement, and more!

  • Transform your physical body as well as your mental health (our "secret sauce" to serious results).

  • Gain the skills and confidence to live out your healthiest, happiest life.

  • Unlimited access to our self-guided program content, forever!

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About Us

Meet Emily + Beth!

We're two best friends with a love for early morning kettlebell workouts, coffee runs, sweaty power vinyasa flows, and a lot of laughs. We noticed a lack of well-rounded resources in the health & fitness industry that focus on all aspects of wellness - mind, body, and soul - and decided to combine our passions and experiences to create resources for our squad to live out their own version of "happy healthy". Our background includes: B.A. Health + Human Physiology, Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) Certification, StrongFirst (SFG 1) Certification, 200 and 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teachers, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Certification (INHC), Functional Movement Screening (FMS) Certification, and over a decade of experience in the health and wellness world, working with hundreds of bodies and abilities.
About Us