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You feel overwhelmed and confused navigating the vast world of health and wellness. It feels impossible to juggle it all...

  • What exercises will actually give me results?

  • What does healthy eating look like for my body and lifestyle?

  • What's the best way to get unstuck and take back control of my hectic, non-stop life?

Got ya covered - every bit of you!

Our programs cater to ALL of you - through mindset training, movement, and more!

  • Transform your physical body as well as your mental health (our "secret sauce" to serious results).

  • Gain the skills and confidence to live out your healthiest, happiest life.

  • Unlimited access to our self-guided program content, forever!

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Our Squad Says...

I am empowered! - Kristin Kilburg

"I love your mission to empower women to be unapologetically YOU. You inspire me to be my best self and provide me with the tools to be confident and happy as ME (which is a huge huge huge thing for me!). I want to inspire the women in my life to take action on their dreams + goals and love themselves just as you have inspired me to do!"

I am hooked! - Haley Hines

"I love the mission and vision behind boopbod. I've found the meditations, reflections, and courses really resonated with me in a way that other programs/brands/workshops have not. It's hard to find wellness programs that don't make extreme claims and focus on successes rather than numbers on a scale, calories in a day, etc. So when I find one like this, I GET HOOOOOOKED and super jazzed."

I can do it too! - Steph Umble

"I love that you share your health, wellbeing, and LIFE experiences with others in an approachable, “you too can do this” way that empowers and celebrates women."

I am committed to living a joyful life! - Kaitlyn Solar

"I am always trying to find support and resources to help myself grow in all around health - mentally, emotionally and physically. I love the organization of the courses and the focus on mindfulness. I've tried other mindfulness apps or journals without feeling that connected to them. These courses make me feel more connected and supported in my practice. I especially love the journaling prompts and meditations. Fast forward to now, I am 26 weeks pregnant and on leave from my current job as a classroom teacher. I am even more motivated and committed now to living a healthy and joyful life."

About Us

Meet Emily + Beth!

We're two best friends with a love for early morning kettlebell workouts, coffee runs, sweaty power vinyasa flows, and a lot of laughs. We noticed a lack of well-rounded resources in the health & fitness industry that focus on all aspects of wellness - mind, body, and soul - and decided to combine our passions and experiences to create resources for our squad to live out their own version of "happy healthy". Our background includes: B.A. Health + Human Physiology, Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) Certification, StrongFirst (SFG 1) Certification, 200 and 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teachers, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Certification (INHC), Functional Movement Screening (FMS) Certification, and over a decade of experience in the health and wellness world, working with hundreds of bodies and abilities.
About Us